Saturday, March 5, 2011

The travel washing machine

When you are on the road, the last thing you want to do is to stop at a laundry facility and hang out there while your clothes are cleaning. So this invention wizard invented the Travel Washing Machine, a portable, mobile appliance that you actually mount onto the wheel of your vehicle and it washes your clothes as you motor down the road! That's right, this thing actually hangs off the side of one of your wheels and spins your clothes to carefree cleanliness.

This almost sounds like a good idea, but that's only until taking a look at the actual patent. This comes with a number of guidelines that makes it sound more tempting to just stop at the laundry facility:
1) You have to jack up one wheel on your vehicle in order to secure the straps that hold the Travel Washing Machine (TWM) in place.
2) Add your clothes, detergent and water
3) Drive off but go slow because the ideal speed for your TWM to work correctly is only 25 miles per hour
4) After a few miles you need to stop, drain the dirty water and add clean rinse water. Start up again but don't exceed your aforementioned pokey pace.
5) A few miles later, stop and drain the rinse water and then drive off a third time as your clothes get spun dry.
6) Once the clothes are dry you need to jack up your vehicle again (stop first) and take the thing off.

No thanks!

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