Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Got no Bike? Become One!

Know the feeling when you thought you should've brought a bike but didn't? The guy who came up with this invention offers a solution to those situations: You simply become the bike! Sure, you may need to bring some parts with you, but it looks easy, doesn't it?

Once you get down, gravity seems to be the thing that you gotta hope will do the job. That means that going downhill is the ideal thing. If it goes too fast, you have brakes, but you better hope your legs are strong enough, because you need to squeeze your knees together to use them! The guy who made this thought of everything!

I recommend using as much body armor as possible, however, because if you ever fall using this invention, you're going down. There's no bailing out! To those who wants to mass produce this, be sure to print warning stickers!

While I cannot help but think that this looks kinda dangerous, I am still sure that Tour de France would become much more interesting if everyone simply became their own bike. Now that I would watch - drugged or not!

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